Monday, January 17, 2011

Alumni Board Spotlight - LeRoy Gardner, '03


Family Information:
Suzanna, wife of nine years and our six-year-old son Amari
Work Information: ConocoPhillips out of Houston, Texas
What do you enjoy doing? I enjoy traveling, working out, reading, spending time with my family, and riding my motorcycle.
What do you think makes Wartburg stand out from other schools? The community is great, everyone is friendly and welcoming. You really get to know the other students, faculty, and staff.
What is currently your favorite thing about Wartburg? I think they have done a great job of continuous improvement to the campus in challenging economic times, while still retaining the environment mentioned above. We still have great music, athletics, academics, and a positive reputation regionally.
What does "Being Orange" mean to you? Never losing the sense of being a part of the unique community and trying to bring a bit of Wartburg with me wherever I am today. Go Knights!

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  1. LeRoy and Suzanna....glad to be serving on the board with you. see you soon.