Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alumni Board Spotlight - Sarah Speltz '01

Major/Minors: Secondary Education- English

Family Information: My younger sister Emily also went to Wartburg!

Work Information: Administrative/Program Coordinator, Marshal's Office at Harvard University; Fitness Instructor, Healthworks Fitness for Women

What do you enjoy doing? I enjoy seeing plays, concerts, and movies -- and discussing them with others. I love living in Boston and enjoying all that the city has to offer, but I also love to travel to visit family and friends. I enjoy being active, exercising, and being outside.

What do you think makes Wartburg stand ou from other schools? I think Wartburg stands out as a place where people really matter: where the students matter to the faculty and staff, where serving others matters, and where it matters that people learn and live together on campus.

What is currently you favorite thing about Wartburg? My favorite thing is walking across the beautiful campus and always bumping into at least three people who will smile and say hello, and who clearly also love being at Wartburg as much as I do; as much as I did when I was a student.

What does "Be Orange" mean to you? To me, "Be Orange" means presenting myself as an educated, thoughtful person with a positive outlook on what can be done to make things better, wherever I am.

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