Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alumni Board Spotlight - Tom Buchheim

Graduation Year
: 1993

Communication Arts (Electronic Media) and Political Science

Work Information:

I’m a social media administrator for American Family Insurance at our company’s National Headquarters in Madison, Wis. I’m the community manager for our Facebook and Twitter pages. This means I get to guide the strategy and develop the content for the company’s corporate social media channels.

Family Information:
I’m married to Jill Crawford Buchheim (Wartburg Class of 1995), who is the Music Director at our church – Norway Grove Memorial Lutheran Church. My son Andrew (11) is a fifth grader and a talented writer and pianist. My daughter Molly (8) is a third grader and is also an accomplished pianist and swimmer.

What do you enjoy doing?
Jill and I are very busy with church events and our kids’ activities. Molly and Andrew swim competitively for local club teams throughout the year. They’re also active with soccer and piano year-round. We’re blessed to have my parents (Bud and Dona Buchheim-also Wartburg grads) and my brother Jim (Class of ’85), his wife Renae (Class of ’87) and their sons close by. We enjoy connecting with other Wartburg grads, and current and prospective students, in the Madison area. In my spare time, I closely follow the world of sports and social media, writing about it on my blog, and tweeting about it @tombuchheim.

What do you think makes Wartburg stand out from other schools?

The people make Wartburg stand out from other schools. It starts with the quality students who attend Wartburg, but it’s uniqueness is also reflected in a caring and dedicated faculty and staff. Even though the look of the campus has changed dramatically since I was a student at Wartburg, the sense of community is unchanged. It’s what makes Wartburg so amazing to me, and why I keep telling my kids they are lucky to have an opportunity to one day Be Orange themselves.

What is currently your favorite thing about Wartburg?

Wartburg students amaze me, because while times have changed, students have not. In meeting with them on and off campus, and following their work online and in the Wartburg Trumpet, I’m struck by how today’s students carry the same priorities and commitment to service they always have.

What does "Being Orange" mean to you?
"Being Orange” means you’re often the first one who raises your hand when someone needs help. You’re the go-to person in your community, at church, or in your department at work. “Being Orange” is about staying true to your faith and living a service-driven life. It’s about doing the right thing for the right reasons and not worrying about awards or accolades.

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