Friday, May 4, 2012

Romelle Slaughter, Alumni Board Spotlight

Alumni Board Spotlight

Romelle Slaughter

Graduation Year: 1998
Political Science

Work Information:
I was recently a contracted Human
Resource Assistant for the American Red Cross.
I have a background in the insurance industry, doing

administrative, research, and compliance work.

Family Information:
Single, no children. I have a wonderful and supportive

family, in-laws, and two adorable nieces.

About me:
I'm a native of Waterloo, Iowa. Currently,
I am in employment transition with a background in
insurance, so I devote my time volunteering for non-profit
organizations in Des Moines, such as the Des Moines
Art Center, the American Diabetes Association of Central
Iowa, and the Young Professional Connection (YPC).
In 2011, I received the Iowa Governor's Volunteer Award,
and the inaugural YPC Ashley Okland Community Service
Award, in memory of fellow YPC member and realtor
Ashley Okland, who was shot and killed while showing a
model home in April 2011.

Favorite Wartburg Memory: 

My favorite Wartburg memory was the first time I visited
campus on a summer junior high school field trip. I ended
up learning how to play raquetball with the late legendary
wrestling coach Dick Walker. The bus nearly left without
me heading back to Waterloo, as Coach Walker and I
kept playing raquetball. We could have played all day
long, if I was allowed to!

That experience left a lasting impression on me.

On that day, I realized Wartburg was the right college
for me. It's hard to explain it as an eighth grader, but it
was the right place. Four years later, I applied and was
accepted by Wartburg to attend school.

It was the one life-altering decision I have never regretted.

What do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy volunteering, visiting family and friends, reading,

following sports (especially Wartburg athletics), and traveling.

What do you think makes Wartburg stand out
from other schools?
Wartburg stands out because of the people and the lessons

I learned during my time on campus. From Bret Billet to
Tom Hubbard, from the late Duane Schroeder to John Kurtt,
there are so many teachers, staff members, unsung heroes,
and classmates that made a direct impact on my life. I am
reminded of these individuals and life lessons everyday.
As a deeply introverted student on campus, it was difficult

at times to express my thoughts or voice an opinion without
stuttering through each sentence. But their patience, empathy,
and willingness to push me to be the best, not just in the
classroom, but in life, is unmatched.

The lessons I learned as a student may not resonate right

away as a student at Wartburg, but it becomes a major part
of your life later on. The Mission Statement makes it clear:
"Wartburg College is dedicated to challenging and nurturing
students for lives of leadership and service as a spirited
expression of their faith and learning." Since graduating
from college, I have developed a passion for community
service and being able to interact with different people, without
worrying about my speech disfluency. My faith has become
steadfast through jubliant times and difficult periods in my life.

What is currently your favorite thing about Wartburg?
My favorite thing about Wartburg is being amazed by the

students who are now making their marks and making a
difference on campus. I should not be surprised. They
live the mission statement everyday. Another favorite thing is,
as an alum, the number of alums that live in Des Moines and
with whom I stay in contact.

What does "Being Orange" mean to you?
"Being Orange" is more than a way of life. You live the mission
statement of community, service, leadership, and faith, after
you leave campus. It's never being ashamed that you went to
Wartburg or any other small college in Iowa. My non-Wartburg
friends get rankled on how much I talk about Wartburg, but it is
who I am: a Wartburg Knight. I represent Wartburg in my
community, through my actions, and by investing in community

Yes, I'm proud to be a Wartburg alum.

All of us should by "Being Orange".

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