Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alumni Board Spotlight - Shon Cook

Graduation Year: 1991 (best year ever)

Major/Minors: Psychology/Political Science

Family Information: I am married to Eric Stevens. Eric is also an attorney. He graduated from the University of Iowa, but wishes he was a Wartburg alum. Who wants to be black and gold, when you can be Orange? We have three children. Sophia is 13 and involved in any sport that she can find. She has decided to take up pitching softball, with an agenda to break every record I ever set. Ellie is 11 in July and is a very good soccer player. She frequently gets calls from other teams, trying to steal her. Sam is 8 and very much into soccer, baseball and all things boy. He also has new golf clubs to play with Dad.

Work Information: I am an Attorney/Partner at the law firm of Williams, Hughes & Cook, PLLC in Muskegon, Michigan. I practice family law. My favorite work is adoptions, where everyone seems happy on the day of Court.

What do you enjoy doing? Running, gardening, reading, and coaching my kid’s sports. I also enjoy following Wartburg in every realm – from international awards, sporting events to musical concerts.

What do you think makes Wartburg stand out from other schools? The Orange Spirit – Everyone genuinely cares about the entire success of the student. The Orange Spirit is not just about what students do at Wartburg, but what he/she will do with their entire lives. Life is not just about the next job, but about our gifts to our communities, our families, our faith and our work.

What is currently your favorite thing about Wartburg? The excitement I feel whenever I am on campus. I just love the warmth and genuine compassions that exists in every department and at every level.

What does "Being Orange" mean to you? Courage, Commitment and Caring about others. It also means being fashionably dressed at all times in my favorite color.

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